A more luxurious life style

TOEFL Essay Topic 140 - Some items (such as clothes or furniture) can be made by hand or by machine. Which do you prefer - items made by hand or items made by machine? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your choice.

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A more luxurious life style

As our living quality rises with the development of economy, we tend to pursuit a more luxurious life style, for example, many of us choose hand-made furniture, which is usually of skilled handcrafts. However, I would rather select machine-made furniture, and it does make our living condition better.

First of all, machine-made furniture is relatively cheap. In the culture of my nation, it is a merit to be thrifty and spend money at the right place. In producing machine-made furniture, less human labors are involved and the work is mainly finished by machine, which makes such products cost less. Moreover, the procedure of manufacturing the products is standardized, rendering them of high quality, and makes them less probable to break. With the money saved, a number of fields are waiting to be invested. For example, education is something that costs a huge amount of money while bringing worthy repayments. Or I can just invest my money into stocks and funds, which would probably yield a high return. Being thrifty does not necessarily mean spending less money, instead, it encourages me to spend money more wisely.

In addition, machine-made furniture is more environment friendly, for the reason that fewer raw materials are consumed when it is made. To produce furniture in a large quantity, the managers of a factory have to plan and optimize the procedure and use of materials of manufacturing, and subsequently the materials are saved. Most of the cut materials can be reused when making some small parts of the furniture. In contrast, when making such products by hand, it is hard to plan and execute precisely, which causes a considerable amount of waste of materials. With less waste, our living condition would be better. When fewer trees are cut down, more green house gas and polluting gas would be absorbed and processed, making the atmosphere cleaner, and the scenery of wild lands would be more breath-taking.

To sum up, though it seems that hand-made furniture makes a luxurious life, actually machine-made furniture makes our living conditions better.

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