College financial funding

GRE Essay Topic 222 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "College and university education should be free for all students, fully financed by the government."

Author: Bill Ni | Date: September 28, 2017 | Score:5.5

Education should be the equal rights to every student, but the reality does not achieve this objective turning to the opposite side in which student cannot go to a college because of financial problems. To pursue the equality, governments should implement a series of policies and methods to comba...

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Education is a primary right of every person.Everyone should enjoy the benefits of education and there should not be any barriers that should stop them from getting education.

College and university education are very important for shaping the future of a person.But, due to the inflated college and university program fees , many students, though adroit, are not able to enroll themselves in college. College education has started to become a privilege that can be enjoyed only by the rich. Many students are taking loans of huge amount to pay off their college fees. This only creates a huge burden on the students and they become more concentrated on the courses that can fetch them quick and huge money rather than the courses they are interested in.

On the other hands, most of the college funds come from the students tuition fees.The college funds are necessary for maintenance of the college and paying off faculty's salary, the administration cost of college and other things. It is very difficult for a college to be fully financed by the government.The yearly cost of the college is very high and fully funding of college by government could also lead to the increase in taxes which will also effects the general population.

As a measure, the college can provide full fee fees concession to the students who belong to the financially weaker section of society and fees of those students can be paid by the government. Students can also be provided scholarships depending upon their caliber. On campus jobs like teaching assistant or graduate assistant should be generated that can help the student in paying off his expenses during the college.The above mentioned measures can help the students who are in need for money to pay off their college fees.

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