More money on public transportation

TOEFL Essay Topic 19 - Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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More money on public transportation

Transportation tools have one of the essential part of modern life, we should balance the budget on private transportation and public transportation. As far as I am concerned, governments should spend more money on public transportation rather than on roads and highways which serve for privacy transportation.

To begin with, developing public transportation would save our environment. In modern society, environmental problems are becoming increasingly serious, public transportation serves as an efficient way to relieve the problems. If people use the public transportation, the use of private cars, a major resources of polluted air, would decline dramatically. As a consequence, the emission of the green-house gases and other pollutants like carbon-dioxide would go down in a large scale. Unfortunately, people use the public transportation in a low frequency according to the survey by the Fudan University in China. The reason for the low frequency is obvious – people find it inconvenient to use the public transportation. So we can deduce that people would use the public transportation if the governments spend more money on improving the public transportation. Consequently, our environment can be saved by the less emission of polluted air.

In addition, people can enjoy a better trip if governments improve the public transportation. With the improved life quality, people prefer spending their holiday on having a trip to tourist attractions far from where they live. For example, I live in Shanghai but I would like to spend my summer holiday in Hainan which is far from Shanghai. Since it is tired for me to drive my own car from Shanghai to Hainan. I have no choice but to select a public transportation tool such as a train. If the train is comfortable enough, I can have a excellent trip in Hainan without any problems. However, if the train is incomfortable and takes me a whole day to get Hainan. Chances are that I spend another day sleeping in the hotel instead of enjoying the beach in Hainan. Through this example, we can see that public transportation is really important for people to have a trip.

Admitedly, improving roads and highways is also necessary. Since the public transportation can not solve every individualized problems such as getting to the hospital within 10 minutes, we should still pay attention to the roads and highways. However, governments have already spent billions of money on improving the roads and highways, we should transform the attention to the public transportation. Otherwise, we can not balance the development between the private transportation and the public transportation.

In summary, I think government should spend more money on public transportation.

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