Grades (marks) encourage students to learn

TOEFL Essay Topic 72 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Grades (marks) encourage students to learn. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Grades (marks) encourage students to learn

Always we encounter controversial debate about education and grading system. From student perspective, it may not seem fair to judge them based on their score but teachers and parents think that grades encourage students to learn. In my opinion, rating students has some advantages besides a few disadvantages which we cannot ignore them.

The first aspect to point out is that learning process needs to be evaluated and we are not able to do so unless take exams then see what the result is. In this path, grading system helps not only teachers but also students to find out how much they improved. For example, when all pupils in a class get low scores, it shows the teacher that she must start from fundamental materials and realize what the common mistake is. On the other hand, students can find their weak points then amend them. Therefore, basically grading reveal strong and weak points of students and teachers who are two sides of education.

Another subtle point which should be stated is that mentally people need motivation to practice more. Thanks to grading system, the competitive atmosphere push students to do their best. For instance, if they see that other students had better scores, they know that it is possible to obtain excellent grades and they will double their efforts. A study in Harvard University shows that students try more, if they know that the results are important. Thus, it encourage students to learn better.

Admittedly, there are some disadvantages about grading including more stress and pressure on students. However, if we increase students’ interest toward studying and teach them that how to study well, their stress vanishes soon. Those student who do not study during semester and practice just before exam are more prone to have anxiety. If mentors force them to have some short quizzes during term, they are prepared on the final exam day.

Due to aforementioned reasons discussed above, modifying mistakes and competing with others to be successful are two positive effects of grading. That is exactly why we cannot eliminate it in education.

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