Studying abroad

TOEFL Essay Topic 168 - Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

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Studying abroad

Studying abroad is invaluable experience for many students. In my opinion, the reason for their motivation is the communication skills they can obtain through the experience. I feel this way for the following two reasons.

To begin with, living in a foreign countries improves the students language skills. For many students from non-English speaking area, communication skill in English is valuable ability since, needless to say, English is a prerequisit for academic career. My own experience illustrate this point clearly. When I was a first-year student at Japanese graduate school, I had an opportunity to have a presentation for some professors from overseas. However, because of my lack of English speach skill, I failed to convey what I thought and the value of my research. If I had enough ability to discuss with them at that time, my career would be very different from what it is. From this experience, I strongly believe that English is quite essential for academic career, andthat the life in English or other language skill which is important for some fields, such as Germany in Medical science, could be a reasonable incentive for studying abroad.

Secondly, communication with poeple with different culture is also attractive for many people. Even if students leave academia for business world, the ability of building a good relationship with various co-workers is highly critical to promote their career. Aside from their career, interaction with foreign countries itself is essentially interesting and exciting. For instance, when I was a senior student at collage, I belonged to a vartity team of lacrosse, and had chance to go to the US to play lacrosse with American students. I practiced with them, stayed at their houses, and had many parties with their friends. Although I am not sure whether this enhanceed my lacrosse level or not, the experience was actually thrilling, and I still keep in touch with the players. It is obvious to me that such experiences are most students hope to have, when they study outside their home countries.

In conclusion, the communication skills which student can achieve through studying abroad is good motivation for students. That is because it is necessary for their academic career, and is fun itself.

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