Daily homework is necessary

TOEFL Essay Topic 68 - Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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Daily homework is necessary

Some people might think daily homework will take a major toll on students’ childhood. Others think daily homework is necessary for comprehending knowledge learned on class. As an effective tool of studying, daily homework is indispensible for students to get a good grade and live a meaningful school life, in my mind.

First of all, daily homework is a good way to inhance the understading of knowkedge. Students can get a lot of knowledge on daily courses, but they have scarce time to rethink and examine it. Thus, daily homework is a necessary process that cannot be replaced by just hanging around with a bunch of students. During the time of doing homework, students are aware of the important points at every chapter, and they can find some errors existing in their notes and minds. After this process, they will truly comprehend what exactly the content means.
Additionally, doing daily homework can raise students’ ability of studying for themselves. Teachers cannot company with students and help them do their homework after school. Without help from teachers, students must finish their homework by their own efforts. In this case, student are forced to thinking and writing for themselves. Day after day, they must be able to raise the ability of learning for themselves, which is important in their future career.

Besides the ability of self-learning, students are also encouraged to disscuss problems with classmates, which will promote their interpersonal skills. When they cannot tackle a complex problems in the homework by themselves, there is another way open for they, namely, discussing with other students who has the same homework. Maybe the homework is so difficult that none of them can really solve it. But as we all know, the purpose of studying is not to solve difficult problems in the homework but to really gain the knowledge. And in this process, they may encounter the problem how to communicate with each other and they need to fix it. In other words, study by group can teach students how to get along with each othet and help them build solid relationships, which benefits their future societal lives.

To sum up, daily homework help students remember the knowledge from daily courses. They need to bring up the comptence of learning by themselves and learning in a group. These are all main elements that determines the achievements of ones’ future. So daily homework is defenitely necessary for students.

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