Supply to poor countries

IELTS Essay Topic 1005 - Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of giving international Aid to poor countries.

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Supply to poor countries

To give support is like a blessing to a needy person. Although today’s era is the period of advancement but there are many countries which are unable to effort the facilities.Then other nations offer them some help to move on. It has both advantages and disadvantages that are discuss in this essay.

For developing and developed countries there are large number of benefits to support the poor nations. One thing is that they can represent a good image among all other provinces, due to land a hand to weak states. Moreover, the nation who support to needy kingdom, then it becomes easy to promote a perfect relationship between the both countries. Another factor is that the nation who provide the help to other states then that can access the useful resources of that place. For instance, the African countries contain a large amount of oil and minerals and China support Africa by giving help with money, technology and other things. Owing to this China can easily access the resources of Africa.

But there are some drawbacks to support the poor nations. First of all, the kingdom who receive funding from other, then they do not try to do something for becoming successful. They always seem to others to get support. Another thing is that this way is not valuable to improve the economy of the country. Moreover the resources of the nation can be used by other selfish countries.Furthermore,as these states always waiting for help, if any other kingdom attack, then they could not protect to their civilians.

Eventually, to supply some facilities to the poor countries is not wrong but due to this those nations addicted to get support and and do not try to stand on their own feet.

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