Always telling the truth

TOEFL Essay Topic 704 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important considertion in any relationship between people.

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Always telling the truth

Being honest is vitally important for many people. Some contend that honesty is more important than anything, whereas others argue that they have to be crever, rather than just to be honest. In my opinion, telling the truth is the most important concept.

To begin with, telling the truth is the very foundation of the relationship among people. Simply put, it is indispensable to maintain our reliability. Telling a lie is horrible, and sticking to one’s word is highy crucial to our social relationship and mutual understanding. If we do not tell the truth, we cannot built even besic and reasonable relationship. For example, when I was a coach of a lacrosse team at collage, one of my coworkers often broke promises, and told lie. As a result, we totally lost trust for him at the end of the season. Thus, our reliablity is based on keeping one’s word.

Secondly, honesty is a pragmatic policy to be effective. To avoid telling the truth seems kind to others sometimes, but it is not sustainable in many cases. In other words, a superficial attitude is not sustainable, and does not work in the long run. One of my own experience demonstrate this point. When I was a tutor of 10-year-old children, I always tried to be kind to them. However, they did not learn how to behave properly after all. Although mild attitude makes our communication more smooth and easier, we have to be strict, especially in front of young children. Not telling what we have to say and just being kind to them is not beneficial at all. From this experience, it would be obvious that honesty is more important than mere kindness.

In conclusion, it should be noted that people should always tell the truth. Telling the truth is the most sensible policy we can take.

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