Letter of invitation

IELTS Essay Topic 1268 - Write a letter to your friend who lives in another country and in your letter:a. Invite him/her to a public event in your country. b. Describe the public event. c. Explain about other plans you have for your friend when he/she will visit.

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Letter of invitation

Dear friend,
I am deliriously happy to inform you that our society members hold a competition. The purpose of this letter to invite you for this beautiful occasion.

The competition is related with the benefits of cycling.Anybody can participate in this contest who belongs to our city. The main motive of this event to encourage people to do cycling as they can.Moreover describe them how it good for health and ambience.The organization’s members are trying to invite a celebrity to promote this.There is also a weird award for the first winner.

Actually,most important thing for me is you.If you come back here to attend this contest, then I have sometime to hang out with you. I have already planned a trip with our other friends.It will be a great fun for us.Because from a period,we do not meet to each other. It is my heartiest request please come back to our home country.
Looking for your reply.
With love,

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