IELTS Essay Topic 1192 - Some people think that public health is a the responsibility of the government while others think that people should be responsible for their own health.Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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It becomes a controversy that is it the administration’s duty to take care about their citizen’s health or it is their own responsibility. According to my prospective One should be more concerned about his/her phisique. I will discuss these in upcoming passages.

Government has the legal duty to do some efforts for the public because people choose them for betterment of their life style. If person feel unhealthy then they can not able to give thier best to their country. So regime should ban those things which are not safe to keep them hale and hearty. Government can provide better facility to the public such as parks, gardens, gym, and so on. There should be awareness camps from the power that are about health care by which people become aware about the products which are unuseful for them but available in market at the higher level like alochol, wine and so on. However, Public servent can not do everything so individual is more responsible for their life.

In my point of view, single person has to do some sort of work and become active about his/her life. They know about them more than others which is good or bad to keep themselves fit and fine. They should follow proper dite and avoid fast food and outlets which provide more oily food. Due to their hectic schedule they do not want to prepare meal at their home and get adicted to modern life style. Which has not fruitfull outcomes so there is a need to give time ti theirselfe to do some outdoor activites playing games enjoying walking in garden and youga activity. By doing that they have better life and good phisique and always be active for any work.

At the eleventh hour, Government can not do everything personaly it is the major duty of a person because he knows about himself and has to follow some rules regarding health care and has to do activities.

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