Three differences between children and adults

TOEFL Essay Topic 166 - People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Three differences between children and adults

What’s the difference between children and adults? I remember writing and discussing this same question when I was in middle school. At that time my answer was “Adults are someone who is independent mentally and economically”. Since then, I underwent plenty of things, and my answer changed and developed. For me, there are three things that makes adults different from children.

Firstly, even though a lot of time has passed from the first time that I contemplated this topic, I still believe it is important to consider independence on both mentally and economically. I don’t think you will consider a person as an adult if he or she still lives with their parents and not working at all. There are many kinds of family in this country, so I can’t say what type is right and what’s not, but if you are living with your parents, it is only right to pay your rent and expenses.

Secondly, I think the huge difference between children and adults is whether you are the person who can give something to others. By give something, I mean you can contribute to your society or people surrounding you. When you were a child, your parents put a meal on the table, bought you clothes, drove you to your school and provided accommodation. Those are something that most of the children went through, and you were living in the situation that everything were given by other people. However, as an adult you are the one who are going to give. If you have a family, you have to provide them. If you are working, you are going to work in order to contribute to the company, which leads to contributing to your society. If you are an adult, you can’t just sit there and relax, hoping that someone will give you everything. In fact, in order for you to earn something you want, you have to take actions and give something for exchange, and that something can be your idea, intelligience, or your physical activity.

Thirdly, I think the most important thing to consider the difference between children and adults, is that whether you have found something you really want to do, and pursuing your dream. As an child, your dreams and goals are always set by adults around you. For example, when I was a child, I wanted to become a medical doctor or a lawyer. The only reason that I wanted to become those, are because that’s my parents wanted me to become those. Also, my first option college was not some school I wanted to go, but rather a school my teacher wanted me to go, because my grades were most fitted to go to that school. However, as an adult, you need to have your original goal. You can’t just pursue your dream because someone set that for you or because of the peer pressure. You have to define what your dream is, and what success means to you. You have to be responsible for your life, and realize that every decision you are going to make will lead you to somewhere.

For me, these three factors are the difference between children and adults. I know there are some disputes like, “Elderly people are not mentally, physically and economically independent. Therefore, by using your notion those people are not considered adults.” However, eldery people are supported by others because they gave something to others in the past. If they didn’t gave something to their children or family, maybe nobody would care about them. I know that ten years from now, twenty years from now my answer will be different, but I can predicate that these are my answer for now.

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