Children should never be educated at home by their parents

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Children should never be educated at home by their parents

I agree with the statement that should never be educated at home. There are circumstances when home education is the only option. Nevertheless, I believe children should be taught at school. Schools are not perfect, but they are one of the most effective and realistic tool of teaching children.

To start with, I might be a bit conventional person. I can’t imagine someone studying at home instead of going to school. I don’t know any person who haven’t studied at school. All of my friends and friends of my friends. In brief, everybody I know studied at school. Let’s face studying at school is very hard at times. Although, there are a lot of disadvantages about studying at school: high peer pressure, increasing workload, socialization problems; there is no better alternative for it yet.

First, school is the best place to make friends. I know a lot of stories when people met best friends ever at school. They grew up together and they always have huge credit of trust to each other. They always have some fun stories to share with others. Many situations that seemed embarrassing, tough and difficult, at times even impossible to overcome transform into funny stories. But all those funny or sad storied become strong and solid base for lifelong friendship. There are two friends who I consider to be best friends and who I know since high school. I value this friendship the most.

Second, school teaches us how to conform and, sometimes, how to confront. I don’t think it is totally good thing. t school we learn how to obey the rules. We learn very quickly that in case we don’t do what we are expected to do we will have some punishment. And it is not always a good mark, it can also be social isolation in worst case scenario. Sometimes, these lessons of life are quite positive, but they can also be quite cruel. There a lot of situations to respond to, a lot of problems to solve, a lot of discussions to participate in. Thus, there a to of lessons to vital lessons to learn at school.

In conclusion, I would like to tell repeat again that school is the best option for a child to learn about socialization and how to deal with problems and difficulties. Although, they are not always easy study at, they remain to be the best way of teaching children.

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