You read an ad about a sale of a shop in the local newspaper

IELTS Essay Topic 727 - You read an ad about a sale of a shop in the local newspaper, when you came to buy the goods you wanted, you find the sale had ended. Write to the shop manager and complain about this. Require for the compensation.

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You read an ad about a sale of a shop in the local newspaper

Dear Mr. Rgyn,

Being the loyal customer of your reputable shop for five enduring years, I have been very upset and disappointed by the lack of promising goods at your shop. On Monday morning I read an ad about the reduced goods at your shop and I wanted to receive a bargain for me. Unfortunately, when I arrived the amount of promising chocolate was out. Moreover, the sales assistant was rude and coarse to me and he could not give me a plausible explanation why the promising chocolate was over.

I insist on offering me a temporary discount or a store card of your shop. What is more, I hoke you will be able to find and send me the desirable chocolate.
I am looking forward to hearing from you the sooner the better.

Faithfully yours, Mick Grey

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