Convenience of phone

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Convenience of phone

These days, most of people have their own mobile phone and use email application on a regular basis for communication with others. Some people think that the email is one of the convenient communication tools, while others are in the opposite side. I am opinion of that cell phone and email offers many opportunities for us to communicate with each other for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

To begin with, without doubt it is convenient for us to use a mobile phone and send email. This usefulness helps us to communicate easily. My own experience demonstrates this case. I did not have my own phone during my sophomore year in the high school, and I was too shy to talk to classmates. At that time, many mates had their own celler phone and I finally got my own one. Thanks to the device, I could contact with my friend and those friends have been still my best friends. Without the device, I would not have made friends in the high school.

Secondly, through the phone we can access to the internet anywhere and we can search whatever we want to know through the internet. If some people want to have a coffee chat in the city they can ask someone who can join the chat with the net access. My own experience illustrates this sorts of communicating opportunity. When I went to “Shibuya” for the first time, which is the well-known city in Japan, I did not know where to go and needed some recommendations from who knows well about this city. I accessed the internet and sent the chat that I needed someone who could give me some introductions of this city. One gentle man offered his help and I talked with each other in the coffee shop. Thanks to his help. I could enjoy the staying in that city. Had not I used the cell phone, I could not have useful information by him and enjoyed the staying.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that telephone and email helps us to communicate. This is because it allows us to step toward talking easily, and because it provides us with a lot of opportunity to get information.

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