TOEFL Essay Topic 704 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important considertion in any relationship between people.

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Although some people claim that always telling truth is most important consideration in any relationship between people, while others consider telling truth in every situation as important manner to keep good relationship with friends. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that we should keep something secret depending on the situation. There are several reasons and I will explain in the following essay.
To begin with, telling truth sometime breaks the relationship or causes troubles. It is no doubt that there are people who do not say any negative expressions about someone else. However, in my opinion, many people have favorable people or unfavorable people and they tend to tell some bad things or bad rumors about unfavorable persons. Telling all the story which I heard to people who were the target of rumors will make them unhappy or even angry. As a result, their relationship will be broken because of my telling the truth. For example, I have friends who are involved in a same group, one friend called Tony is the best friend of Ken. One day in the morning, Tony could not pick up the phone from Ken. Since Tony had never missed the call from Ken, Ken was angry about it and told me that he did not want to meet Tony anymore. I understood that they considered each other as best friend, so I did not tell the story to Tony when I was asked what Ken said to me by Tony. This demonstrates that keeping some stories secret is better depending on the situation, and not telling truth helps to continue the good relationship.
Second, our way of communication is complex and this complexity brings us more warm life as human beings. If people tell only the truth, there is no strategic communication and people will stop to think about people around, because what they say is equal to what they think in their mind. In my opinion, many motivations come from thinking of people around or desires to know people more. For example, if people want to know his or her girlfriend or boyfriend, they will try to seek their true feeling by communicating more. Consequently, the desire deepens the relationship. This illustrates that people are motivated by uncertainties about people around and this uncertainness makes our life colorful and exciting
In conclusion, I am convinced, for the reasons mentioned above, that always telling truth is not a good way to keep the relationship between our friends. Firstly, it sometimes causes issues to the relationship. Secondly, to spend fun life or exciting life, uncertainties are needed and keeping something secret gives us uncertainties at some extent. Conversely, we can not only make good relationships but also spend more colorful life by not telling truth sometime.

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