Tell the truth in any relationship

TOEFL Essay Topic 56 - A company is going to give some money either to support the arts or to protect the environment. Which do you think the company should choose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Tell the truth in any relationship

I disagree to the idea that it is always the most important to tell the truth in any relationship. It depends on the situation but in many cases, simply expressing the truth does not always be the best option. There are two reasons and one counter reason to support my assertion.

First of all, saying the truth sometimes badly and deeply hurt others or deteriorate the relationship. Sometimes it is better not to mention the fact or sometimes not mentioning anything is the best opition. For example, if someone is dying because of cancer or some illness which is unrecoverable, many doctors and family choose not to disclose the illness to the patient. If the patient know the sickness, then, he or she will loose the hope to recover and deteriorate the situation mentally. Without mentioning the fact, the doctors and families are try to encourage the patient to recover saying that there is a hope of getting back well. Another example is, that when a kid is really working hard in singing but the quality is bad, is it the best option to tell the fact that “he or she is not good at singing”? I really do not agree to that comment. We should not say that kind of thing. Anyhow, these two examples show that simple saying the truth sometimes hurt others and it should be avoided.

Secondly, there are some cases that some social activities and belief contain “not truth” but they still exist as “widely accepted activities and belief”. For instance, please think about the Christmas. The fact is that there is no SantaClaus and parents place presents when it comes to Christmas Eve night. Is it appropriate to tell the truth to small children that “there is no SantaClaus and just your dad or mom are placing the present for you”. No, it will break the pure mind of kids. This instance shows that placing present when Christmas Eve is social norm which include “not truth”. Another example is that, in religion, many people believe there is god, a god in your heart or in nature…This is belief which is widely accepted by many people. This is just belief and not truth. In this case also, no need to mention about the truth, like, “there is no god”.

Some people may argue that not telling the fact is ethically wrong doing. I agree to this opinion to some extend but it depends on the situation. In some situation, we need to clarify the true and what is really going on but in other cases, it is not.

In conclusion, I do not agree to the idea that telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship. It depends on the situation. If the merit of disclosing the fact overweigh the demerit, them, basically it is better to tell the truth. But there are many cases, as I showed above(serious sickness, kids working situation, Christmas Santa), that truth is not always welcomed. We need to judge case by case basis if we really need to mention the truth.

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