Public transportation

TOEFL Essay Topic 19 - Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why? Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

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Public transportation

Believe it or not, the governments are always confronted with the problem of which area they should invest in since their budgets are limited, thus making them fell being in a dilemma. Some people argue that the government should invest more into the Internet than into public transportation.However, I totally disagree with them. In what follows, I will illustrate my point of view.
First, the advance of public transportation can directly increase citizens’ quality of life. It can save city dwellers a lot of time and can thus give them more time to work or to relax. Take the subway for example, before the subway was built in the city where my father and I live, it took him more than an hour to drive to his company every day. When there was traffic jam, the time consumed would be even longer– sometimes up to 2 hours. However, after there are subways in the city, it only take him only 20 minutes to go there. He can now get up later, which means he can sleep for a longer period of time, and can also come back from his company earlier to play sport with me, all of which have raised our lives’ quality.
Second, a big public transportation net can create more profits to the government. With millions of people using governmrnt-provided transportation, it is easy for the government to receive a appreciable income from this. And those income can be used to construct more transportation means and thus make a benign loop. According to different studies, in China, between 10 to 20 percent of the governments’ income comes from services provided by them–a noticeable portion compared to the texations paid. So all in all, a huge amount of money going to the governments are beneficial to them.
Finally, investments into the Internet is not a wise decision for governments to make. Nowadays, companies like China Mobile are already capable to provide such a Internet service. If the governments invest too much into this area, it will only create a monopoly. Instead, letting those companies to compete freely by themselves is rather beneficial for the development and the innovation in the area of the Internet. On the other hand, public transportation, which may need so much money to be invest into that most companies aren’t able to afford, should be invested by the governments in this way. They have a lot of money compared to companies, and are efficient in building such a transportation net.
Based on the factors I mentioned above, a conclusion can be drawn that when governments invest, they should give priority to public transportation instead of the Internet. After all, it is the investment into public transportation that leaves a positive impact on the society–both the government and the citizens.

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