Eat at restaurants

TOEFL Essay Topic 13 - Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Eat at restaurants

While some people prefer to have meal at home, I prefer to go out and eat in restaurants. This is because that restaurants and food stands can provide us with convenience and a lot of fun. I will elaborate this idea with following reasons.
First of all, restaurants can provide meals to busy people who have no time to prepare by themselves. For instance, when I was a rookie in my company, a construction company, I was really busy because of the piled up tasks of the urgent project I was assigned. I worked every day until late at night and was single at that time. Therefore, I could not get meal right after I went home and needed to prepare my meal by myself though could not have enough time to cook. Thereby, I had to reduce my sleeping time to cook dinners. However, while the project was undergoing, a Chinese restaurant was newly opened close to my job site. Thanks to the Chinese restaurant, I could minimize the time to prepare meals and secured the sleeping time to keep my energy to work more. If there was no convenient restaurants, I got sick because of sleepless days and could not accomplish my responsibility on the project.

Secondary, I can enjoy the variety of food served at restaurants. Nowadays, there are a lot of fancy restaurants which provide enjoyable various food from all over the world. My personal experience demonstrates this, four years ago, I was in charge of a tunnel project alongside a mountain range in Niigata Prefecture, rural area of the north of Japan. Hence, there were no wonderful restaurants for special occasion like anniversary near my home at that time. However, two years later since I started to live there, a large shopping center which included many fancy restaurants was built. Consequently, I went out with my wife to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary in the fancy Italian restaurant. Thanks for the various menu of the Italian restaurant, we could enjoyed varied cuisine such as pasta, risotto, pork cutlet, and so forth, which we had not tasted ever.

In conclusion, I personally prefer to have meal outside of home, in restaurants. This is because that restaurants are very convenient to have meals briefly and I can truly enjoy various meals in restaurants.

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