Work by hand

TOEFL Essay Topic 101 - Some people like doing work by hand. Others prefer using machines. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Work by hand

The passage explains that Rococo art was often created for aristocratic buyers who ignored the poor, but social changes in Europe created an environment that was hostile toward those who catered to the ruling class. However , the professor points out that most art throughout history was actually created for wealthy patrons; Rococo art is not totally unique in that regard.

What’s more, she mentions that Rococo artists sometimes worked on public places, like churches, which were clearly not designed for the wealthy alone.

The second point that the professor makes has to do with the subject matter of Rococo art. According to the text, Rococo style was interested in simple leisure and decoration rather than deep philosophical ideas. However , the professor contradicts this by saying that Rococo artists put subtlety and sophistication into their work. She gives an example of a painting that depicts three people whose relationships can be inferred just by the details of their facial expressions and postures. She believes that this shows unexpected depth.

Finally, in contrast to the reading passage’s claim that Rococo style is too elaborate, the professor reminds the students that this is a purely subjective point. Others appreciate the more difficult techniques and experimentation used in the paintings.

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