TOEFL Essay Topic 114 - Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

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Some people may hold the opinion that the family is the most effective in youth. However, in my opinion, I agree with the point of view that friends are more important influence on teenagers. My arguments for this stance are listed as follows.

First of all, young people spend their 80% of their day time with schoolmates. To give an example, when I was high school student, I spend most of time with my friends. I took class for 8 hours and after that I joined club activity. Furthermore, on holiday, I often went out with friends. The only time I spent with my family was dinner time. This experience shows that my state that the young are affected most by friends is true.

In addition, it seems difficult for children in puberty to ask parents’ opinion. For instance, teens in puberty are very sensitive and sometimes they think of parents as depressing. Then, they tend to maintain the distance from their parents and do not listen to them. As this example illustrates, I strongly believe that parents are less effective than friends.

Furthermore, young people have spent so much time with parents that it is important for them to get new ideas from school mates. Specifically, in their lives, young adults have had most of their time with parents. some think that it is enough for them to learn their parents’ opinion. Then, some adults recommend them to have much more time with their friends. Young people have many opportunities to make new friends, and all of their thoughts feel like bland new. For me, I learned wide variety of things from friends every year when I was a student. This example also indicates that my argument that friends are the most effective on the young superior to the opinion that parents are influential on the young.

In conclusion, I think that teens are more affected by friends than by parents. It is difficult for any other people to beat friends when it comes to having an effect during teens.

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