Allow students to choose the courses

TOEFL Essay Topic 137 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? High schools should allow students to study the courses that students want to study. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Allow students to choose the courses

In some countries, high school students are able to choose which classes they take, while in some countries students have to take certain classes which the government or school decide. In my opinion, in high school, students should be allowed to learn the subjects they are interested in. There are the following three reasons.

First of all, to offer students the choices of classes is beneficial because it encourages students to have more motivation in school life. If students have right to take the courses which they want to study, they will carefully concern which subjects are more interesting for them. Then, they will enjoy joining the classes they chose because they are about the subjects they are interested in. Consequently, students, who could take classes they would like to study may do well at school.

In addition, to allow students to study the courses they chose also has an advantage for students who are planning to go to universities or colleges. These days, approximately half of population in developed countries take higher education after they graduate high school. In university, everyone is required to research one or two specific fields of subjects. Education in high school contains some preparations for universities. Therefore, it is valuable for high school students who will go to university to take the courses which are related to the subjects they will study in higher academic education. For instance, for a person who would like to study French literature in a university, it is more helpful to participate in French classes instead of Spanish classes.

Some people might claim that to learn the wide range of knowledge is essential for all students, but it cannot be a persuasive reason that students do not need to be permitted to choose the courses they have interests. Although it is true that to learn many fields of subjects has several benefits, the period of time students can learn in high school is limited. If students have to learn all important subjects, the knowledge they can gain will just be a surface of those subjects. Instead, it is more advantageous to let youths choose the courses, and offer opportunities to deepen the knowledge and thought about the subjects.

For all of the reasons which mentioned above, I am strongly convinced that high school students should have right to choose the courses they would like to learn.

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