TOEFL Essay Topic 160 - When people need to complain about a product or poor service, some prefer to complain in writing and others prefer to complain in person. Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Some people predict that tourism will turn obsolete as advanced technology like television and computers show people the images and sound of the places they have never been to, which will make travelling unnecessary. However, I think such argument has fall short of considering the fact that tourism offer a lot more than television and computer can, so tourism is still a popular activities for us.

First of all, one has to realize the important fact that computers and television, which only provide images and sound, may fail to help people to form the feeling about a place. The environment, on the other hand, plays an significant role in shaping people’s feelings. For example, I knew from the television that Great Canyon in the United Stated is impressive and gorgeous. But it is impossible to have the feeling of being overwhelmed by the colorful rocks if one has not physically be inside the Canyon. So computers and television can not replace the tourism if they are not able to impact people’s feeling toward a place.

Second, tourism can provide special experience that the computers and TV can not. When we travel to places of interest, we contact with the local people, and taste the food there. Whereas the television can use documentary to show how the people are like in a certain places and how tasty the food there is, but this is only the story of the others, but not ours! It is not until we taste the local food or talk to the local people that can we say we have experienced the life there. Take travelling in China as an example, China is famous for its food, and tasting food itself is one of most important experience for travellers in China. This special kind of experience however, is not available from computers and televisions.

Moreover, tourism incorporates more purpose than just knowing about a place or an interesting sites, instead, during most of the time, we take trips just to enjoy a good time with our friends. No matter what we are going to visit during a trip, so long as we have good companies, we will surely have a good time. Friends can talk with each other, sharing their stories, or play games together, and it is these activities that make our journey full of fun. So even if the computer can fully reveal what a place is like, it can not take the place of tourism since tourism concerns more about communication, and relationship with friends.

Last but not least, television and computer can actually boost the development of tourism rather than eliminate it. Let us consider my case where I went to the Great Canyon in the United Stated. Before I went, I watched a television show of BBC, which describe how amazing the Great Canyon is. It is that show that makes me determined to spend my holiday to the Great Canyon. So through the propaganda on computer and television, some travelling sites can obtain popularity among people who are still unaware of the existence of these sites, and therefore help to increase the number of travellers and boost the development of tourism.

In short, tourism enables people to physically indulge in the environment of the tourism sites and form true feeling about the places they visit. Also, tourism gives people special experience of the places and provide people the chance to play with their friends, all of which is not available from television. So tourism will not be eliminated by television and computers. Rather, the being of television and computer may even help the tourism attract more travellers by advertising the tourism sites.

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