Same curriculum is a beneficial measurement

GRE Essay Topic 190 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "A nation should require all its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college rather than allow schools in different parts of the nation to determine which academic courses to offer."

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Same curriculum is a beneficial measurement

Should all the students in a certain country be required to study the same curriculum without any exception until they got admitted to college? To some extent i agree with this view as it do has a lot of benefits on the national level as well as for the students themselves. But patricular educational conditions of some regions and the normal situations of the country that implement this policy should be take into account.

Same curriculum for all students in a nation is definitly a valuable recousre for the nations that recommend this policy. As all the students study the same curriculum, it would take less efforts for the country to prepare the educational resources because diversity is no longer an important factor that should be considered when accommodate the national educational resources. In a more collective way, the teacher can get a better training focused on one specific curriculum so that they can improve their teaching quality. Besides, the same curriculum policy will greatly reduce the costs of study materials as all the students learn the same subjects their textbooks and complementary materials can be recycled and reused for the next generation, by cutting the study costs and at the same time save the timber resources that used to produce paper, one curriculum policy will surely be welcomed by some people in the society.

Additionally, if all the students learn the same subjects before they go to college, it will offer more possibilities for them to choose their real interests when they faced the choices of which subject to major. Since at high school, they have a comprehensive understanding of all the subjects that the same curriculum provied, they are more likely to determine their focus and a more incisive judgment about their potential. If the students choices are various pertaining the curriculums they study, they may lost a chance to get access to a certain subject which may be thier real interest.

Despites the benefits of the same curriculum within a nation, there is some exceptions exists. I f the country itslef is relatively small in georaphically and do not have may diveristies culturally,,it is a good choice to adopt same curriculms. But vast country with so may differences should not take this policy as it ignores the great gaps in the nation.

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