Travel with a group or alone?

TOEFL Essay Topic 74 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Travel with a group or alone?

Is the best way of travelling in a tour group or alone? The answer of this question differs from person to person depending on each tourist’s demand. However, I strongly believe that tripping in a group guided by a conductor is the best policy. I have several reasons to support my opinion.

First and foremost, I can have efficient trip if I choose the group tour. Because the tourism firms make plans carefully and meticulously to satisfy their customers, I can have an efficient and a comfortable trip. For example, most tours prepare special buses or trains. They can save time that is neccessary to take for moving from a site to another site by directly transferring the tourists. However, if I choose to travel by myself, I might wait for a long time to change trains. Besides, the tour group covers all the attracting places efficiently. For instance, if I trip to some area where is abundant with many appealing sites and miss one of them a day, I will never go there the other day. By contrast, because the tour is planed very well, this kind of mistake will not occur.

Second, tour guides can provide me a lot of beneficial information. They are the professional people to teach us the basic tips of a place for sightseeing. I am sometimes astonished to their familiarity to a sight. For example, when I visited Kyoto led by a tour guide, she answered all questions like how the building was constructed or what people at a certain era ate. She also knows many useful tips for travelling such as what I should bring for a trip. They supply us many additional information that is not written in a guide book or on the Internet and make my trip more and more interesting.
In conclusion, I argue that trip with a tour guide is better because I can travel around sites efficiently and comfortablely and the tour guides offers many helpful tips for travelling.

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