Understand the culture through language

IELTS Essay Topic 1110 - Some people think that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language.Do you agree with this opinion?

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Understand the culture through language

Some people claim that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language. From my point of view, I can only partly agree with this statement since I tend to believe that there are more than one channel, among which learning to speak their language is definitely the most effective way, for people to understand the culture of another country .

On the one hand, learning the language of a country can certainly help foreigners gain a comprehensive understanding of the culture, not only about the way they live but also about their way of thinking. Language can reveal the particular lifestyle and social relationship of people in certain culture background. For example, learning the abundant vocabularies about different appellation for different family members, such as different norms for the mother of one’s father and the mother of one’s mother, a foreigner would get to know how important the social relationship is valued in Chinese culture. Further more, only by studying English essay writing that a foreigner can understand how logic the thinking of English speaker is. The sequence of arrangement of ideas and causal effect structure in English writing can give a perfect example of how the English users view the world. Without studying the language in depth, those distinctions of a culture can hardly be understood.

On the other hand, I believe there are also various other methods for one to learn about the culture of another country. For instance, there are plenty of general or academic articles and other publications focusing on the analysis of culture difference with detailed introduction of the foreign culture, which can offer a second hand knowledge for people who are interested. And these won’t necessarily be inferior than the first hand understanding obtained through language learning since some ideas by professional researchers of foreign culture can be so profound and incisive that they provide more comprehensive understanding about certain culture. Besides, there are also programs on TV or websites aiming at spreading the knowledge about foreign life.

In conclusion, granted, language is the most distinct feature of the culture and people can gain a deep first-hand understanding of the foreign culture in the process of language study; but there are certainly other options that enable people who cannot speak foreign language to gain some knowledge about the life and culture in another country.

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