Difference of dinning culture

TOEFL Essay Topic 13 - Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants. Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Difference of dinning culture

There are a huge difference of dinning culture between different contries. People in some contries prefer to eat out often, while some of the other use their kitchen more frequently. In my country and in my habit, I would like to eat at home instead of in restaurants for reasons.

First of all, eating at home is much more comfortable than in restaurants. Wearing a old T-shirt with nake foot then enjoy the meal in whatever pose I like is one of the most relaxing time at home. Companied by family and TV show is another uncomparable advantage of eating at home from the restaurants. Not to mention that the meal can be my favorite food withou a single percent which I don’t like if I cook the meal myself.
Second, eating at home can be more environmental friendly than using plastic tableware in food stands. Scince the undecomposible tableware is one of the bigest part of trash created from food stands, simply taking out meals and use our own forks and knifes could help to save the planet. If we cook the meal ourselves or use reusable package can decrease more amouts of trash and eat more safey.

Though some people think that eating out side is more cheap and convenient, they might change their mind when the service of online copking be come more and more popular. While people just have to order meals online then heat the frozen package delivered to their house, the price and the convenience will become excuses.

In cunclusion, I like to eat at home mucjh more than eat out. There are plenty of advantages that restaurants could never offerd. Especially when people invited more online services to simplify the way we cook in recent uears, eating out may keeps the least funtion which to gater friends.

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