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TOEFL Essay Topic 84 - Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access to so much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Without a doubt, some people would affirm that internet provides valuable information while other may contradict this point of view, sustaining that actually the overwhelming amount of information creates problems. As far as I am concern, I believe that both statements are correct. Internet provi...

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Debate of Internet Score: 4.5 May 6th, 2017 by SDONTSAY

To the statement that internet provides people with lots of valuable information, I do have something to say about, and generally speaking, in my opinion, Internet is a excellent way for people to collect and search useful materials of words or images or even sound and videos, that is a combined tool of other kinds of ways of searching for information. Here are my reasons why I support this point of view.

First, as we all know, we could get almost everything we need on the Internet such as book, videos. Some materials could be found in our surroundings, for example, some normal book or some other normal objects. However, if I want to find a book which is not published in my country or not in stock now though published before, what should I do? You may think about the Internet, yes, I could find the electronic version of the book I want to read and may pay a little or even get it for free. Besides, I could buy the book though the avenue of Internet trading website such as Taobao, and I did buy a book published only in Taiwan and western countries through Taobao, though it cost myself much money, that was indeed a good book and worth of it.

Second, what if I was a student who were fond of history? China is a very big country and with a very long history, and the result is if we want to learn about the history of China in detail we have to read innumerous history materials such as books or scripts, that would take a lot time. But that is not the point, we have to find the proper material and get them so that we could read them. You can imagine that would be a very big workload and the history materials may distributed in vast areas of China and even distributed to the rest parts of the world, and passions would not help me get my needed materials. However, here is what Internet would involved in, by surfing on the Internet, we have the access to almost all the libraries across the whole world and we may get some private collection to read. Isn't that a pretty efficient way to solve such problems?

Third, let alone the unpublished materials or precious materials which are not easy to get, Internet provides us a very basic way to get into various information. For instance, there are so many songs and video on the Internet, we can learn practical skills by watching instructive video or books via Internet and it is easy to get many training materials of some certification exams, it could not only provide us things about entertainment but also give us the opportunities to promote our skills and level of knowledge. All those things above are not cheap as we though in our daily life, but cheap is not the prime reason why we choose the Internet as a effective way to study or relax, it is because Internet provides us with ways of activate our potentials.

Having said this, I can understand why some people dislike the Internet, why they believe that Internet would cause more troubles to humans. Because there always are people using Internet to do bad things, besides, there are some bad information on the Internet. While that should not be the reason we reject the Internet to enter our life, as we all know, everything is two-sides, Internet would not be an exception, but the good information on the Internet is much more than bad information, we should definitely not miss an excellent tool just because some triflings.

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