Information Inquiry

IELTS Essay Topic 716 - You are a foreign student. Write to the Student Union, introduce your hobbies and interests and ask information of clubs and societies. You want to join a club or society enjoy your time when you study there.

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Information Inquiry

Dear: Sir/ Ms

I’m Safaa, an Egyptian scholar traveling to UK within two months to work on my PHD. i’ve read about the Students Union and i felt very anxious to join. I’m interested in making new friends, knowing people of different cultures and ideologies. Swimming as well as Tennis and Music are my beloved hobbies. In fact I’m very sportive, and i can’t imagine my stay without doing some kind of sports. That’s why i’m sending this mail requesting information about how to join your club and society.

I need to know how much does it cost to join the tennis and swimming teams. I also want to learn music if possible. My second question is about the societies, how can i join it and for how much? I know i’ll have a plenty of time that i want to consume in a useful thing that i love to enjoy my time while i study there.

I hope you reply very soon, and thanks in advance.

Yours Faithfully:

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