Face to face communication?

TOEFL Essay Topic 172 - When students move to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

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Undoubtedly, communication is the most prominent issue to consider for humans. In this regard, the way of communication has played an important role in all societies. At first glance, finding the best way of communication might be delicate due to the fact that each kind of communication manner ha...

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Sometimes it is difficult for newcomers to make a good relationship Score: 3.5 July 24th, 2017 by a

Sometimes it is difficult for newcomers to make a good relationship with others without any help. Then, teachers should help them to get to be used to new environment in many ways.

First, students especially in primary school are very sensitive against an uncertain person so it would be needed to have good an opportunity for them to know each other. From the view of biology, children who do not have the ability to protect themselves alone tend to pay attention very carefully to person who meet the first. That is because it is very important for them to judge the person whether he is harmful or not for their survival. Because of this character, they are more difficult to get along with newcomers. Therefore, teachers should arrange some events for them to know that he is a good man for them.

Second, new students have a difficulty in study due to the different curriculum between the schools. When I was a high school student, we have a new friend from a high-level school. She finished almost all of things which should be learned at high school. In other word, she does not have to take a class. As a result, teachers allow her to do her own studies for college entrance exams during the class and she went to the university which is the best in our country. I think the decision that the teachers made at that time was the best for her future and it is essential to worry about study of new ones.

Furthermore, we have to consider about how much it would cost for new student to get in a new school. It would cost a lot to purchase what is needed for new school. And sometimes it is a burden for him because there are many other things he has to buy for new houses and so on. Then, it seems like that the school should pay attention for them not to pay for many things. For examples, in the case of text books, it would be available to lend the repair text books for a while. As this example illustrate, I strongly believe that schools should suggest him every thing they can do.

In conclusion, I think that new comers have various problems and there are a lot of things that the teachers can do for them. It is essential for teachers to make their best as much as possible.

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