TOEFL Essay Topic 1077 - How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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Since the television was invented, it has influenced the people in many different ways. Surely, in the first years of spreading, this influence was less evident than nowadays. In our society, the television plays an important role in the people’s life. I think the television influences people’s behaviors with the advertising, that might be direct or hidden and with the news.

Surely, the most powerful way is the advertising. The advertising is essentially the promoting of some types of products through the television. There are two main types of advertising: direct and hidden. In the direct advertising, the product is presented inside small video and audio clips, that are transmitted between two television shows of in some moments of a show. The product is presented in a way to convince the spectator to buy it, often without think about the price. This is a good strategy, and the most used now. But, in these years, the hidden advertising is born. Essentially, the companies don’t present their product between shows or in a precise moment of the them, but they insert the product inside the show! For example, we often notice, in some shows, that our favorite actor is using a new MacBook. As a consequence of this, our brain will be influenced to buy, the next time that we will need a new PC, to buy the MacBook only because our favorite actor was using it! This is, maybe, the most powerful advertising technique, because has the higher return on the investment.

The other way which television influence us, are the news. The news are a very important instrument, to spread knowledge in the world. Everyday we see and heard some notices, positives or not, from our favorite television news. We believe that, all the news are true, but is not the truth. In fact, the governments often manipulates them, because they don’t want that a particular news spreads in their country. And this might be a good thing, but the truth is the opposite. Manipulate and spread a news is dangerous, because influence the people behaviors, instilling in them wrong ideas that may become very dangerous for themselves and for others.

In conclusion, the television is a beautiful as dangerous way of communication. It can modify people’s behavior without problem and in a very short time.

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