TOEFL Essay Topic 180 - Movies are popular all over the world. Explain why movies are so popular. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

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I have watched a lot of movie from all over the world such as American movies, French movies, Italian movies, Chinese movies, Korean movies, and of course Japanese one. I believe that most of the people in Japan, where I currently live, also think that movies are popular. And I believe it too for the following reasons.

First of all, movies enable people to feel relaxed in a short time. I usually watch movies when I am exhausted by working because these take only 2 hours or so to feel blessed. To use my personal experience, I watched a movie called “ The Holiday” which genre is love and comedy this Christmas with my girlfriend who is living together in Tokyo, Japan. I usually go to bed at 2 AM or so, and I get up around 6 AM since I am working at IT company as Sales Representative and I have so much work to do every day. And my girlfriend is the same situation as me because she is working at the same company with me as the same role. So we stressed out and sometimes arguing all night because of the stresses. So, we need to get some rests, and one possible solution is watching movies as always. When we watched movies especially comedy, refreshing almost entirely. The example above clearly shows that watching movies is one of the easiest ways to feel relaxed.

Also, movies help people to understand cultures when the movie created by a foreign country. As I mentioned before, I love watching movies from all over the world, so I know basic conversations of America, France, Italy, China, and Korea. When I was a kid, I could not go anywhere outside of Japan because my family had not enough money to go. Instead, my parents told me that you could learn cultures such as languages and history of a different country from foreign movies. Since I was interested in knowing other cultures especially Italian one, I watched a movie called “ New Cinema Paradise” which is human drama. After I watched this film over 20 times, I could speak Italian as daily conversation. The example above definitely illustrates that people could learn foreign languages or history of a country which placed in movies.

Therefore, people from almost all the countries love watching movies.

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