Air pollution from travilenig

IELTS Essay Topic 1238 - As a result of tourism and the increasing number of people travelling, there is an growing demand for more flights.What problems does this have on the environment?What measures could be taken to solve the problems?

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Air pollution from travilenig

Tourism is a very important for most of people these days. From my opinion it’s not that bad and it’s very important in our world. The technology make all the world like one country, So the people can have a lot of frinds all over the world just by using the internet. Also after the globelisation many companies have many branches in a different countres, witch make the traviling is a very important for them to look for there business, Although to attend some confrences to improve there employee’s skills.

The main problem in this case is the air pollution witch came from the huge number of the flights. These days we can find a lot of airplanes everywhere to take the people from there places to another place. On the other hand we can’t stop this flight because there are a lot of people working for a jobs related to tourism, such as hotels, restrant, renting cars and many others. All of that is important for the countries ecounomics.

The most important question here is how to increase this pollution without making any effects to those people who like traviling and the other people who works in this fields witch related to tourism.

I belive that we have to pay more and more for a research and to give advantage to the big companess to fun these researches. And also we have to but a lot of restrections for all of the airways companies and take part from there profit to increase this pollution.

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