Tennis course enquiry

IELTS Essay Topic 1273 - You saw an advertisement for a tennis course in England but you have one or two problems and can’t stay the whole course.Write a letter to the course director. In your letter:*explain your interest in the course *describe your problems *find out if a refund is possible

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Tennis course enquiry

Dear sir/madam

My name is abdallah, I am from Egypt and i am going to visit England for a vacation I am writing to you this letter accourding you advertisement for tennis course witch i am intresting to attend but i have some comments about it.

I really would like to take this course becose this is one of my dreams to know how to play tennis but i see that the course will be for three months and i have just 2 months in england so i would like to ask if i can attend just half of the course or i have to attend the full time.

The sacend question is if i would like to cancel my course after my booking and before the course start what is the cancelation roles.

Thanks for your time and i wish to resive you answer as soon as posiple.

Your faithfull

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