Scandals are useful

GRE Essay Topic 353 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Scandals-whether in politics, academia, or other areas-can be useful. They focus our attention on problems in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could."

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Scandals are useful

The assertion that scandal is controversial topic.I do agree with the given statement that scandals are useful for people to aware about issues that rises on the nation or world level.

Firstly,Some people argue that scandals can helpful and Some people thinks that scandals are useless.But Scandals can be political, social Etc.Though scandals people can know the different kinds of problems and issues that debater in the world or nation.Many scandals really help to get out of problem.

Secondly,Media is the main important thing to release scandals on television.Though media we know about many issues that rises in nation that speaker or reformer did not say any single word about that issue.Generally political or reformer give speech about good things in national and they did not give attention that causes problems.So Media can helps to revels that problems through news and some other advertisement.

Thirdly,Scandals are usually revels the truth that we are not aware about that for examples scandals of celebrities, politician sex scandals ,some singer drug addiction etc.With the help of scandals we aware about originality of politician,singer and celebrities.

To conclude that scandals can useful because they see in a problems in bigger proportion and motivated to people to solve that problems.

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