Famous athletes and entertainers do not deserve high salaries

TOEFL Essay Topic 162 - Some famous athletes and entertainers earn millions of dollars every year. Do you think these people deserve such high salaries? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

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Famous athletes and entertainers do not deserve high salaries

Some people may argue that some famous athletes and entertainers who earn a large amount of money each year deserve such high salaries. However, I am personally opposed to this argument for two reasons I want to mention in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, people who earn a lot of money waste most of their money on very trivial activities. If athletes or entertainers who receive high salaries deserve them, they would spend their money on practical things or charity event. Practical things mean investment on a new company, which intends to make the world better place. A charity event is, for example, holding a free concert or giving vaccines to people in poor. I am not saying that all of the highly paid people waste all of their money on absurd activities. What I want to state is that well-paid people spend their money on what is not truly necessary for them though there are differences in the extents. For example, most of the artists who earn a lot of money build unnecessarily large house to exaggerate their popularity. It is the case for famous athletes and executives of a large company. Furthermore, some of them are indulged in luxurious parties to show their wealth. What I want to emphasize is that most of the well paid athletes and entertainers waste some of their money on events which are not beneficial to most people.

Secondly, the amount of money they are offered is too large, which is not appropriate to give one person. The money they earn exceeds what should be paid to one person. From the perspective of moral, there should be a limitation on one’s salary. To make it more precise, I want to compare their salary with ordinary people’s one. Lifetime payment per one person in my country is about three million dollars on average. On the other hand, first-rate wealthy people earn it over one night. It is, however, unbelievable to deserve one person’s wage per one night to normal person’s lifetime payment. It is ridiculous for the ordinary person to imagine that their lifetime payment is easily achieved by famous entertainer’s one live performance. It is true that the performance of famous athletes or entertainers is sometimes fantastic and worthwhile a lot of money, but it should not be as valuable as one person’s life.

In conclusion, I disagree with the idea that some well-paid famous athletes and entertainers do not deserve their high salaries. They waste more or less their money and the amount of money itself is too large to give one person.

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