University students should take basic science courses?

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University students should take basic science courses?

There is no doubt that nowadays education systems plays a prominent role in all societies. Due to its paramount importance and direct impacts on a given society’s headway, efforts for its improvements have always been amongst the top priority of all societies. A controversial question which often raised is that what courses are essential for every fields of study to be taken? Although the basic science courses are important to be taught to students, in some cases, they are useless for students’ academic future. I, however adhere to this belief that basic science courses is not essential for all every people for the reasons which will be illustrated at length in the following paragraphs:

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that in some fields of studies basic science courses are not practical. In simple terms, these kind of courses are only necessary for engineering and science students. The best example fitting to this notion is the Arts that realistically speaking this field has nothing to do with science courses. If universities make basic science courses mandatory to take, students will face to a number of new difficulties which is not fair. Therefore, it goes without saying that many students do not need the basic science courses.
Another equally significant point to be mentioned is that taking unnecessary courses, would waste students’ time and prevent them from becoming expert in their field of study. To put it in apposite words, students should allocate their time to related courses which are practical for them. For the purpose of illustration, let us take a personal experience as an example, in my university taking basic science courses were mandatory for all students. Thereby, we had to spend a considerable time to study these lessons while in the last years we did not have enough time to take interesting courses which were more related and useful for our field of study. Hence, as is well-understood, it is wiser for students to take the most relevant courses rather than take the basic science courses.

Admittedly, it might be argued that Basic science courses are useful in every aspect of people’s daily life. Although these courses are useful in general, student’s goal of education is to be expert in one specific field. Contemplating all substantive merits and demerits of taking basic science courses, leads us to this fact that its demerits outweigh the merits.

Having considered all the aforementioned points, I aver that taking basic science courses should not be necessary for all people because some fields of study have nothing to do with science. Consequently, doing so would waste the students’ time and prevent them from taking their related courses.

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