Parents are best teachers

TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Some people make statement that parents are the best teachers for children and others argue that bona fide teachers in schools have to own the responsibility for education. To make my opinion on the issue clear and convincing in choosing one side. I will examine the several different aspects of ...

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Parents are the best teachers Score: 3.5 September 12th, 2017 by Y. Wu

Who are the best for the children’s education? Different people would have different opinions. Some people may believe that teachers in school are the best. Because students can acquire systematic education in schools. However, as for me, I think that parents are the best teachers for children.

First, good education requires that teachers should know their students well. That is, the way that teachers teach their students should be changed based on students. However, there usually are much more students than teachers in schools, which means that teachers cannot totally understand his or her students. In contrast, parents are the people that know their children best. Thus, parents can provide much more detailed advice to their children, which is beneficial to children’s education.

Second, the main aim of education is to impart knowledge to students. Though students can conduct the process of study in schools, they can also learn a lot from their parents. Compared with the study in schools, study in homes are more flexible. Because children can consult their parents any problem at any time. In schools, teachers usually answer the questions that are related to their classes. Moreover, due to the fact that teachers in schools must face much more students, they may be inpatient to answer questions. In contrast, parents usually are more patient than teachers, and they are willing to help their children to find answers, even they also don’t know.

Moreover, besides knowledge, the development of characteristics is also an important aspect in education. Parents can influence their children by daily behaviors. Although the influence cannot directly teach children to do somethings, it can gradually develop the characteristics of children. Children always mimic their parents, and during the process they begin to know what is right and what is wrong. Children can also learn other characteristics by observer their parents, such as honesty and amity.

All in all, in the children’s education, parents can provide person-based advice, and they can also influence their children by daily life. All of these aspects are important in education. Therefore, we can reach the conclusion that parents are the best teachers safely.

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