Parents are best teachers

TOEFL Essay Topic 2 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Some people make statement that parents are the best teachers for children and others argue that bona fide teachers in schools have to own the responsibility for education. To make my opinion on the issue clear and convincing in choosing one side. I will examine the several different aspects of ...

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Are parents best teachers? Score: 4 September 25th, 2016 by

When I asked the question that are parents best teachers? The first thing surfaced in my picture is not to hurry up to get the solution of the problem,but to identify what the subject.What means a teacher and what means a better teacher?
In Chinese trandition,we will speciaize one who taught you, as your father, teacher is a kind of job which most respected in China. Besides people's parents,teachers will give their students most important skills, worldviews,and teacher will show a pathway to his or her students for assessing their potentional ability. Whatever teachers did will make connection between stdudents and the whole world.

Chinese Philosphiers definited the teacher's job as help people connecting the truth ,training skills and sloving problems.I'm indeed the theories of them,even I have studied music for a while in the U.S. I found the sameness between different culture,because all teachers of mine helped me lot to appoarch the tlenat with a really genius,who made first bone flute on the planet.The learning progress obvioused a lager possibility to accept myself ,When I release my inner thinking of world by music suddenly ,I believe they are best teachers.

According to the fact ,I wouldn't agree that parents are best teachers,The importance of being a teacher is helping students to destroy their ego.They commit to make knowleages,method,and the most valuable human spirit instead people's antiquated unconsioused memories.Usually parents will work hard on the oppsite of this human being development.

At the beginning years of chlidren,the initial tasks for parents is to help their kids build a boundary between “me” and world,A successful famaily education means their children know what should do and what shouldn't do. Orders of the society are transformed by parents ‘ personalbilities to the next generation.The love between the forgive and justice always affect on the congnition.Parents will teach their children how to learn,but they will failure on teaching their children to be professional, we can see almost all most influenced musicians taught by their teacher ,not their parents ,even Morzat had a very skilled father ,but he still educated by his father's musician friends.

We can put the question in a extremely situation. Let's illustrate what will happen when a guy only live with his parents,If he can be a successful one based on common view? His parents supposed to be a couple of very successful educators,and they can train the guy to master all the skill which help him to success.The question will evolve as can a guy will success if he master every skill.the potentitional words of this question is if a guy will be successful only with skills? I don't think we will get a positive answer because this even doesn't know what means success.Success will always be a word in public context,not only about what can a person do.CCTV showed a prodigy kind of like that guy ,he can do everything like do mathmatics ,play piano and write second language at young age, got a lot of adventure of his contempories, but my mother said ,he is not so illenegence because he is lay of ability to talk with girls.

In the example, his parents instead of his teacher, they did teacher's job very well,but they didn't make a great product of education, it prove parents can't be a good teacher although they were highly educated,a worse result of consequence we can imagine.We can believe mostly parents has no time and ability to teach their children by themselves.

This showed us parents can't be good teachers. Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor's;and to gold the things that are God's.Take their own responsebility and work it hard will always help a lot for a young guy's growing up.

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