Life today is easier than before

TOEFL Essay Topic 1080 - Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: "Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children."

Author: milad | Date: December 26, 2016 | Score:5

In our fast growing society, happiness is one the most important thing about which people care. Whether people are more satisfied or not is a never-ending debate which has discussed several times recently and people are both in favor of and against it. While there are some people who believe that...

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Are we happier Score: 4.5 April 12th, 2017 by chenyuhao

Have the changes in our life over generations make it easier for us to feel comfortable? Do we have more access to happiness? It is absolutely not an easy question to answer since some people think that we have better life along with development in the technology ,infrastructure and many other aspects, while rest people hold the view that we can enjoy our life much directly in the time period when our grandparents were still small kids. From my standpoints, I agree that It could be a smarter choice to live in the present age. Reasons and examples are as below.

Firstly, we can’t feel comfortable usually for reason that we can’t find solution to the trouble we encounter in our life. But when it comes to problems, we have to figure them out so that we can continue our work and study and acquire sense of achievement at the same time. My grandfather once wanted to create a wood house for his little dog, but he did not know how to do it, so he read reference books that he can’t understand very well and failed over and over again, as a result, he gave up. Provided that we get the help from Internet ,we can easily get intros with simple picture to finish it. According to a research conducted by CNN,89% of people who have tendency to find answer are satisfied with the search result Google bring to them. It is obviously that It can’t be imaged in old times without existence of Internet.

Secondly, as we all know, friends play an important role in our life, ”sharing happiness and sorrows”, a wonderful companion no doubt will make your life colorful and comfortable. From the story my grandfather told to me, in his childhood, he did not have many friends, even if there is, he had to go far to get to the friend’s home. Loneliness is the theme of his early years.
However it is totally differently in daily life we have, we own different social communication tools to get access to new friends and keep in touch with old ones. For instance, in the process of preparation for TOEFL exam, I get a lot of friends via wechat, we share everything not only
about knowledge. At the time I feel much stressed and can’t stick to it, they comfort me and give me the courage to keep on. How can we enjoy so warming love if we are not in the technology times?

Nevertheless, we can still sense the beauty of old times by listening to the stories told by our grandparents, their happiness is so simply, even a bottle of soft drink can make them happy and comfortable a whole day but we will not, because soft drink is everywhere recently, what will raise our sense of comfort maybe has changed to rewards in the competition or great ranking in different exams. But it notices us of the meaning of fighting for what we are fond of at the same time.

Put it into a nutshell,for my choice of the times to live in, is the contemporary one, not only for that we can find solutions for problems in our life, but also for the chance to know more friends.

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