Lectures or discussions

TOEFL Essay Topic 1065 - Some students prefer classes with open discussions between the professor and students and almost no lectures. Other students prefer classes with lectures and almost no discussions. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Lectures or discussions

Some people may prefer the classes with lectures and almost no discussions. However, personally, I am in favor of the classes with open discussions between the professor and students and almost no lectures. I want to explain the two reasons in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, discussions between the professor and a student can dramatically deepen the understanding of the student. Since the professor completely understands the content he gives in his class, he can easily recognize whether or not his student grasps the content superficially or profoundly. Therefore, through the discussion, professor first casts a question to measure students’ understanding on the subject, then he will further ask questions and have a discussion to urge students to learn the subject deeply. In my university, we have several discussion classes after the regular mathematical course. We have a lot of opportunities to discuss with professors. They always improve our understanding of mathematical problems. They know how to guide students correctly and they know the key to master mathematics. For this reason, I prefer classes with open discussions between the professor and students.

Second, we will be able to broaden our horizons listening to others’ viewpoint and compensate what we cannot understand in the lecture class. During the discussion class, we have a lot of time to listen to others’ opinion. We can exchange our thoughts and realize that there are another perspectives on the problem discussed in the class. Furthermore, exchanging our thoughts will enhance our understanding of the subject. Even when each of us understands the content partially or there exist newly given concept, competent students will give us an insight about it. By contrast, on the classes with lectures and almost discussions, the classes will go onward without stopping even when we do not know a new concept provided in the lecture. In many cases, students are inclined to be absent from this type of class because most of them will gradually be unable to catch up with the class. Given this reason, I am fond of the classes where we can have a discussion with students and professors.

In conclusion, I prefer the classes which have a lot of chance of discussions with professors and students. Professors encourage students to have a good understanding of the subject in the class. Moreover, through the discussion with students, we can have a broad point of view and strengthen our knowledge.

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