Park decision

GRE Essay Topic 354 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Practicality is now our great idol, which all powers and talents must serve. Anything that is not obviously practical has little value in today`s world."

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Park decision

I think it is inappropriate and inadequate to draw the conclusion in the planning memorandum given the evidence provided. Here comes my analysis.

First and foremost, in the memorandum, it draws to the proposal that the next project should be a ‘World Tour’ theme park with foreign specials based on the trend of international trips. However, it need further research to determine whether a foreign style amusement park will be attractive to domestic visitors. Drivers of the trend need to be found before any decision is made.

Second, the location may not be the best suit for the new park if the capital city has already has enough travelling infrastructure like different kinds of parks. In this scenario, it might be a wise choice to expand in second-tier and even third-tier cities. Also, the customer segmentation may not be most profitable because usually international residents and their children are not the major customers to amusement park, especially a ‘World Tour’ theme park. Even if the best customer segmentation of the park is international residents and their children after thorough research, ‘World Tour’ theme park may not be the best suit for them, compared with the space-travel theme park or any other park with domestic characteristics and specials.

Last but not least, from the material, it is the space-travel park that has attracted increased attendances over the past decade, the characteristics of which might not be the same as a ‘World Tour’ theme park. Thus, it is not reasonable to draw the prediction that the new park will be as successful as the previous one. Also, based on the development of some first-tier cities in China, it might be a chance ‘once in a lifetime’ to have a huge increase of travellers in a period of time. Based on the two factors, further research on drivers of the consumption update and increasing attendances should be analyzed before any conclusion is put forward.

In sum, further investigation and research on the theme, location, customer segmentation, performance prediction need to be done before any decision on developing the park is made.

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