Travel with a companion

TOEFL Essay Topic 1071 - Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Author: Abdul Wahid Amiri | Date: December 21, 2016 | Score:4

Travel with a companion

I would always prefer to travel with a companion rather than to travel alone, especially during long term destination journey.

First of all, traveling with friends and any other a companion are safe, joyful and much more comfortable on the path of journey. It is bring more fun, make it easy the entire course of journey and much more comfortable with unforgettable moments. While we are on the travel, perhaps, it is possible to happen something wrong to you, or may expecting unpredictable situations that we don’t know, in such a case, a companion traveler could easily manage such situations, despite they are taking care inevitably each of them to one another. For instance, last year i was traveling from Okinawa to Kabul Afghanistan, during the way of my journey i faced some problems, my checking luggage was over 30 Kg which is not allowed, on that time, i divided some stuff to my friends and made the allowable luggage, moreover, i was felling abdomen pain which was very difficult for me to walk, i was so worried, but my friend helped and talking care of me, i got rid of that worse situations by helping of my friend along our journey and handled very well, therefore, i was finally reached to the final destination safely.

Secondly, the purpose of journey itself means enjoying and some sort of entertainments which is getting free your mind from any duties that your are thinking, indeed, we can talk, make more fun, laugh, listening music, eating food together and so on, which definitely make happy moments and mark as a unforgettable journey, in addition, it is very important for recognizing the friendship and will know about the honesty and disloyalty of friendship, in this view point, it will be much more boring if you are traveling alone and you are not enjoying for such a wonderful journey anymore, except some special and rare case. Certainly, most strong friendship has created during path of journey and have gone for ever.

In conclusion, judging for the above mentioned benefits, a companion journey may have a lot of advantages for travelers and i always recommend a companion journey which are safe, comfortable and more secure. And also it is resulting strong friendship and nice people along your live.

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