Talent and interest or availability of jobs

GRE Essay Topic 260 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "College students should be encouraged to pursue subjects that interest them rather than seek programs that promise entry into the job market."

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Talent and interest or availability of jobs

Colleges play an important role in preparing the future generation of workers of the society and provide many fields of study to prepare the students to build a better country by fulfilling the needs, wants and demands of the market. Selecting the field of study based on availability of jobs aligns with my own position more closely, because it helps the students to have better jobs and feel more successful and satisfied, and addresses the demands of the country, and in the following I will further explain to clarify various aspects of the topic.

First of all, deciding relied on considering the jobs available, would lead to a hogher probability of getting hired in the future. Being hired or tenured gives many of people a feeling of satisfaction and success, while being a jobless, the individuals cannot be satisfied of their choice just due to their interest, and even maybe they forget their passion for the field, under the dust of regret and disappointment. For example, my friend was interested in nature sciences, but continued the engineering field, and nowadays he is very satisfied of his great job and salary, while many nature sciences’ alumni are looking for a decent job.

In addition, we should consider the needs and requirements of our community or the country when making dicisions, because we are responsible for our people who have served us a lot till now, and they will. Maybe choosing a major, based on our interests, does not address the problems of our country, and also if we think of it this way, it changes our interest to cover the society’s demands, too. For instance, I have recently read an article published by a business magazine in my country, in which the author mentioned that today, with the help of guiding students to choose their majors based on job opportunities, the market demands are being better met.

However, one may argue that it can bore the students to study in a field they have not been interested in. We may consider that time changes many thing and the interest change too, especially when selecting based on jobs availability can lead to a more probable success in students’ lives, and this satisfaction can make them interested in the field they had chosen.

In conclusion, based on aforementioned explanations, taking into account the future job opportunities when deciding what field of study to continue, can give the individuals a higher satisfaction, better meet the demands of the society, and even make the person interested, eventually. On the other hand, choosing just based on the interests may lead to being jobless, disappointed or regretful. So I think that it is wise to choose, considering job opportunities, too.

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