Talent and interest or availability of jobs

GRE Essay Topic 260 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "College students should be encouraged to pursue subjects that interest them rather than seek programs that promise entry into the job market."

Author: Sadajin | Date: December 13, 2016 | Score:5

Colleges play an important role in preparing the future generation of workers of the society and provide many fields of study to prepare the students to build a better country by fulfilling the needs, wants and demands of the market. Selecting the field of study based on availability of jobs alig...

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Nowadays, with the fast development of technology, our daily life becomes more and more convenient than before. The statement asserts that humans' ability of thinking for themselves will surely deteriorate due to their increasingly dependence on technology to solve problems. I concede that people today rely more and more on technology to solve problems, though, the statement is quite extreme to asserts such consequence, which I disagree totally. It is true that people can use the advantages of modern technology to solve some basic problems such as calculating to improve working efficiency, which means they will probably have bad performance in calculating by themselves. However, due the demand from various people, human beings are still creating new technology to facilitate our life.

To begin with, our daily life has become much easier due to various kinds of technology. For example, when people are using computer to solve problems, less and less factors they have to take in account by themselves since computers can work out the best result automatically and quickly. Also, it costs us little effort to make some change to adapt the result to our demand in most circumstances. In terms of such scenarios, people do suffer some deterioration of the ability of thinking by themselves. But this dose not matter a lot to the people who use the technology to improve their working efficiency since what is more important for them to think of is the issues directly matters to their work. I believe that with the convenience brought by technology, they can spare more time from solving some basic problems and apply it to solve their working problems.

However, things become quite different for the people whose work is to improve the technology due to people's increasingly dependence on technology. In other words, the ability of those people to think for human beings are more and more advanced since they have to solve various technological problems to meet the demand of human beings. Due to the demand of fast calculation, human beings created computer. Due to the demand of sharing information, human beings created Internet. Due to the demand of convenient transportation, human beings created various transportation tools. Those achievements best demonstrate that human beings are more and more capable of thinking for themselves when they rely more and more on technology.

In conclusion, the statement asserts the consequence of the dependence on technology so extremely that it overlooks the advantages that the reliance on technology encourages human being to create a better world.

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