Cost of processing

GRE Essay Topic 846 - The following is a memorandum issued by the publisher of a newsmagazine, Newsbeat, in the country of Dinn. "Our poorest-selling magazine issues over the past three years were those that featured international news stories on their front covers. Over the same period, competing news-magazines have significantly decreased the number of cover stories that they devote to international news. Moreover, the cost of maintaining our foreign bureaus to report on international news is increasing. Therefore, we should decrease our emphasis on international news and refrain from displaying such stories on our magazine covers. " Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument.

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Cost of processing

The writer of the argument concludes that the Olympic Foods company should apply the same principles like the film processing; however, this conclusion cannot be accepted as it is in that it rests on a number of premises all of which can be challenged in one way or another.

The first problem with the argument is that the writer assumes that he cost of processing go down as a consequence of more experience. While, there is no evidence to prove that more profit happened as a result of more experience. For example, maybe this increasing happened because of new method of manufacturing. Or maybe it happened just for lasting time since there are an instance in this argument which it implies to two years. In this case, these two years have a distance of fourteen years.

In addition, another problem with the argument is that the writer assumes that film processing industry is identical to food industry in all respects. Whilst, there is no evidence to definitely prove that this is the case. Maybe they did some measurements which they are not possible to apply for food industry; namely, using of a low price color for printing the films which they cannot 100 percent use for food industry.

A third problem with the argument is that the writer assumes that things remain the same over the years. However, in most cases this is not true. Maybe in 1970 there are some low-technology devices but in 1984 the technology could help the film processing industry to improve.

In the final analysis, the writer’s conclusion cannot be taken to be correct because, as it was shown in the body paragraphs above, it depends on a number of assumptions each of which is questionable. The conclusion can only be accepted if the weaknesses already referred to are all removed.

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