The 21st Century

TOEFL Essay Topic 178 - The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

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The 21st Century

Different people will give different response for this question from their own characters, emotional concern and even educational backgrounds. However, when it comes to me I strongly believe that various fascinating things have been brought by this century. I will try to analyze that in the following below.

First of all, the evolution of technology has been increasing during this century. Hence, many things have improved which related to the technology, for instants the communication has been developing typically over and over again. The technological devices have been obviously enhancing, therefore, the abundant of advanced devices will be released as well as Iphone8. Thus that significantly has contributed to improving the economic system.

In addition, according to this development with the contemporary technology which leads to bringing the excitement to their lives to a higher level, with this people are able to do many things they could not do in the previous centuries. I reckon that through this century has been bringing constantly a massive development of what I have listed above.

In short, by this century the evolution will continue rise gradually and this will serve rationally as the bridge between the initial centuries and things that will enhance people’s life.

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