Impact of critics

GRE Essay Topic 312 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Artists should pay little attention to their critics.* Criticism tends to undermine and constrain the artist`s creativity." *those who evaluate works of art, such as novels, films, music, paintings, etc.

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Impact of critics

Criticism and critics evolved in the society to serve as a mechanism through which artists can build themselves. For example, in the olden days, kings had advisors to help him rule over his reign. The advisors will point out subtly the king’s flaws and give ideas for the betterment of the kingdom. If the advisors on the other hand ,instead of advising, started to constrain the kings abilities, it’ll be a bane to the kingdom. Thus, as time passed by, criticsm became the master, making the artists as a slave to it’s opinions.

Firstly, any artist ‘s success is based on the artist’s unique notion in speaking out his thoughts. For example, a poet’s success is based how his flow of thoughts is captured novelly, using the language as his tool. On the other hand, If the artist is very mindful of the critic’s response to his work, he cannot voice out his ideas freely. It’s blatant that he’ll be too preoccupied about the response he’s going to get. As a result, the artist will start to write to avoid criticism rather to portray his ideas.

Another major drawback of many of the artists is that they lose their confidence when criticized a little. Especially, when new artists find out that their works weren’t as laudable by the viewers and critics as the artists imagined, they ultimately become hopeless and lose their passion quickly. Many of the artists only expect laurals for their work, and when there is a slight change in the public’s view, the authors become too diffident to start writing again.

Nevertheless, the artists must be optimistic about criticism. They must keep in mind that the critics opinions are only to refine themselves and must not take it in the wrong way altogether. The artists must use the criticism as an oppurtunity to develop their works. If the artists take the crtiticism as a challenge and evolve, paying attention to critics will only tend to boost up the artists creativity.

Thus, the artists must not heed to the critics too much, to preserve their inherent naturality and passion.

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