Government buying computer technology

TOEFL Essay Topic 45 - Some people prefer to get up early in the morning and start the day`s work. Others prefer to get up later in the day and work until late at night. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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Government buying computer technology

Those who the government should take care of the poor might say that it is not better for the governments to invest in computer technology excessively. However, I don’t agree with this idea. There are two reasons for my position. One is business, and the other is private life.

When it comes to business, I think that computer technology is essential technology now. This is because it is applied to not only computer industry, and electronics industry but also the other industries, such as pharmacy by analysis of genes, infrastructure through IoT, and fintech in banking. All countries compete severely in order to control new computer technology. Thus, I think that our government should invest in computer technology. Some people might say that only big companies get the benefit from the government investment, so the ordinary people, especially, the aged, the disabled, and the poor can’t get the benefit from the development of computer science. However, I think that the government can return the benefit to these people. Since the government can collect huge tax amount from these big companies which earn huge profit. Thus, the government allocate the tax revenue to the basic needs for the poor. Therefore, I think that the government investment in computer technology is desirable in terms of business.

Second, as far as private life is concerned, computer technology is very important. Our country, Japan, will be the arrival of aging society soon. It is expected that many people will have difficulty in going shopping, going to hospital. This is because it is difficult for the elderly to drive a car, and there is high possibility that they cause traffic accident. We expect that these people can go out easily, if auto driven cars will be exploited. In addition, they can be diagnoised at home by doctors through computers if computer technology can be developed. Furthermore, if robots with AI are invented, it is very desirable for the people who live in nursing care home, because we lack in workers who work in the nursing care home. Thus, I think that investing in computer technology solve the basic issues in terms of private life.

In conclusion, from the reasons mentioned above, I agree with the idea that the governments should invest a lot of money in computer science.

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