GRE Essay Topic 310 - Present your perspective on the issue below, "Most people recognize the benefits of individuality, but the fact is that personal economic success requires conformity."

Author: wtt | Date: November 16, 2016 | Score:5.5

In this memorandum, the author reaches the conclusion that Apogee should close down field offices and conduct all its operations from a single location. To support this conclusion, the author claims that Apogee company was more profitable in the past when all its operations were in one location. ...

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In this progressing world many of us tend to identify the advantages of personality where as the the real achievement in terms of economic progression is obtained in accordance and correspondence to the society.however the argument is stays flawed when looking at the present situation in which we are in. In this fast paced and killer society the success rings bells only for those who display individuality rather than conforming to the standard regulations of the community. Renowned figures like Richard branson and Ambani could attain the ultimate achievement in terms of economic progression because of their individuality rather than going in correspondence with the rules of the society.

firstly, Richard branson who started out his carrier as a normal human being with limited economic background was in agreement with the general convention of the public . later it was only due to his thinking out of the box and unconventional personality that changed his to what he is now, that is owner and creator of many different companies which are an enormous challenge to those who abide by and conform to the general agreement and fail to bring out their individuality. many of us try to only think with individuality but it is those who display their personality in public that turn into great figure with impressive economic conditions

secondly, when we take into account another person who actually defined individuality and set a standard for himself who has achieved so much,in terms of respect and money, in his lifetime that the generations to come could easily enjoy it for hundred of years without dropping a sweat. He is ambani who flamboyantly displayed his personal traits and charisma out in the public and had was different in his thought and methods that brought him immense success and fame which every few till now could attain in such a short time frame. irrelevant of what a persons looks like and his family background is , it is the show of his individuality and character that usually make a difference and makes them stand out from the crowd .

however fame and fortune does not follow those who restrict themselves to the regulations of the general public but it tends to be with those who display their personality positively and achieve greatness in life. therefore it can be inferred that the benefits of individuality in greater when compared to adapting to the rules of the society and reaps fruits in the form of economic success .

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