animal in the contrary

TOEFL Essay Topic 151 - What is the most important animal in your country? Why is the animal important? Use reasons and specific details to explain your answer.

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animal in the contrary

In this set of materials, The reading and the lecture are about the legalization of Marijuana. The author of the reading believes that, It’s time to legalize the marijuana and it shouldn’t be crime any more. The lecturer cast doubt on the claims made in the article. She state that it shouldn’t be legal to use Marijuana.

First of all, the author clime that, The country need enormous of money in trillions, and taxing the Marijuana is a good source for revenue. The reading explain that the, according to Business week magazine, If the using of marijuana tax, the revenue based on this tax will be about 40 to 100 billion dollar. This point challenged in the listening. The lecturer says that,The numbers in the reading are deceptive, and this amount of tax may be look like big but in size of nation it is not that much considerable amount. Furthermore, she point out that, Increasing tax of Gasoline is a better source to increase the revenue for the government.

Secondly, The reading passage state that, By legalizing the Marijuana the the crime rate will descendant. So the police can be concentrate his resources on the other crime like the preserving the borders and against the terrorist. The author argue that, the “War on drugs” was a failure. This arguments is rebutted in the listening. Th lecturer suggest that the organized criminals will abuse this situation. She elaborate on this by mentioning that, the cartels again will export the Marijuana to the countries or the other state that using of it is still illegal and will cause the in ceasing of the crime rate.

Finally, the reading mentions that, according to the constitution every american has right to “ Life liberty and pursuit happiness”. The author is of the opinion that, He has right to enjoy the Marijuana like tobacco and alcohol, and if Marijuana kill him thats his own choice. The lecturer, on the other hand, feels that, the society now is addicted to a lot of things. She put forth the idea that the author of the reading doesn’t have right to put gasoline in the combustion.

In conclusion the, the lecture and the article are both about the legalization of Marijuana. The Lecturer effectively challenges the claims made in article.

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