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TOEFL Essay Topic 169 - People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

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music stuff

The passage explores the issue of Internet access and the public. The author of the article discusses some reasons why the government wants to control the access to information. The professor’s lecture deals with the same issue. To be sure, there are conflicts between the passage as a public safety defender and the lecture as a human right protector in several aspects as following.

To begin, the first major concern in the article argued that Internet access is not a conventional human right. In short, the government should abridge these rights, especially during times of war or civil unrest, for national security. In contract, the professor argued that state security of the Internet should not overwhelm human right, and the government should protect citizen, not harm them. Obviously, the professor’s argument disproves its counterpart in the article.

Also, the writer mentions that human’s history seems to support the restricted policy of the information dissemination during times of war. It is that not only can the government prevent the battle from the public but also intercept propaganda from the foe. But the lecture point out that did the Internet media not only send information but also make communication. Besides, the government never forbid the telephone use for communication, as one of the potential purposes for the internet. Thus, the writer’s viewpoint is not exactly right.

Last but not least, the author’s last argument is regarding that one of threats to the public comes from the Internet. Prohibiting the formation of the massive protest from the Internet can avoid from submerging the crisis of the public safety. Predictably, the speaker proposes that social media can save people from the social disorder. For example, the police use the software to monitor the Internet to not only observe but also predict the riots in London for moderating the crisis. The speaker concludes that the explanations in the article are not convincing enough.

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