Subsidies to poor countries

IELTS Essay Topic 1005 - Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of giving international Aid to poor countries.

Author: Mohamed Adel | Date: October 30, 2016 | Score:5.5

Subsidies offered to the underdeveloped countries have always been a source of debate between many people and politicians. Many of them hold the opinion that helping poor countries is of substantial importance in many social and humanitarian aspects. Others, however, believe that it is a deleteri...

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Giving international aid to poor people is benefit Score: 4 May 19th, 2015 by

Health is the crucial thing of every individual. by providing good international aiding to all countries including poor my opinion providing international aid to poor people is an essential thing & benefit to the society.

The international aiding provides cure to all the diseases & have high costs.
poor people cannot afford that much of amount. because of that they cannot cure their health. for instance ,cancer is an uncurable disease. by providing high medication the people can live for some more years.however,poor people cannot afford such amount. because of that they leave their sole as early than the rich members.

providing international hospitality is a great thing but it needs much amount of money for doctors ,equipment ,salaries for labour, nurses and others. due to this reason the international hospitality have high cost.

In some hospitals like worldwide medication centers ,they are offering more money ,and they providing uncurable aiding . they run hospitals for only money,so that people are losing their money as well as their life.

in my opinion, providing international aiding for poor people is also a good advantage bu they cannot pay such amount of money, if the hospitality gives best hospitality with moderate cost,it is beneficial to the society.

Finally i conclude that if international hospitals runs with less cost & more caring then every individual be happy, it increases our economy and also decreases health problems.

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